There is a saying that joyfulness is more than happiness.

“Joy is not a feeling in response to a fortunate event. That is happiness and it fades away as quickly as the happy situation passes. Joy is not a momentary response to love or sky or water. That is happiness; and it disappears when love is gone or the sky turns gray or the water hardens into ice. No, Joy is a condition of spirit which so fills my being that no amount of unhappiness can cast it out”

(“Our Existential Predicament: Loneliness, Depression, Anxiety and Death”, James Leonard Park 2006)

Day in and day out we are bombarded with an influx of information; layers of responsibilities and expectations.

We are living in constant stress with deadlines to meet, people to please. We are always doing; working, studying. We seldom have time to stop, take a breather and enjoy the little things in life.

We tend to be too busy for ourselves. We often overlook our own wellness. It is not about mindless indulgence. It is about self-care. It is about self-love. It is about recharging. It is recognizing that our health and wellness is our best asset and the best gift to those we love and care about.

We tend to have too little time for our loved ones. We end up trying to replace joyful experiences with material things, hoping that these show love and care.

Sometimes we lost touch of what is important.

Sometimes we lost contact with those who matter.

Sometimes we wish we can be a little happier.

We can all do with an extra dose of joyfulness in our lives and won’t it be great if it comes in a box to our doorsteps as well?

Just a thought.