I Am Getting Ready for Writing Workshop (Babies 6m-24m)

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Handwriting** is an important life skill even today in our technologically advanced world.
Fluid and automatic handwriting improves communication, self-confidence and ability to complete schoolwork. Speed writing is essential in major examinations in Singapore.

In adulthood, it is an essential job skill. Writing makes our thinking and learning visible and permanent.

Penmanship build the foundations of life skills and cognitive thinking for high performing and confident children who possess a strong self-concept and self- esteem.

“I Am Getting Ready for Writing” is a child-centered experiential workshop that brings joy to writing through sensory engagement and purposeful play.

This is an Introductory Workshop and is a parent accompanied workshop.

Babies (6mo to 1 year 11mo) learn to think by exploring the world with their nimble fingers. In this workshop, your baby will engage in sensory play to develop prewriting skills such as muscle control, fine hand movements and pincer grip. Also included are games and activities to develop your baby’s hand-eye coordination, ability to analyze visual information and use of age-appropriate tools.

Learning points:

•Sensory Integration
• Visual-Perception Development
• Visual-Motor Coordination Development
• Fine-Motor Dexterity Skills- finger muscle strengthening and control
• Visual Scanning and Copying Skills
• Age Appropriate Tool Use

**Our workshops cover the sensory, visual-motor and physical skills related to writing, not the language, creative and expressive aspects


Ms Ivy Leung is a Principal
Occupational Therapist with more than 10 years of clinical
experience with children of all abilities. She has vast experience in working with young children on fine motor, gross motor, visual motor and visual perception related skills. Ivy is Sensory Integration
Certified and is passionate about helping individuals achieve resilience for success.