The Multi-Purpose Squishy Kitten

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For age 6 years old to 300 years old

For age under 6, for parental supervision.

Own it, love it, give it a name.

This multi-purpose squishy kitten comes with full instructions on the multiple use. Because stress balls are too mainstream.

Set comes with-

1. Kitten

2. Kitten's personal metal box (so that you can put it into your pocket and bring it everywhere, to that event you need a fidget, that stressful situation where you need abit of calm, that long car ride, the moment you need an inspiration and new idea)

3. Kitten name tag (give it a name!)

4. Full instructions on at least 10 ways this kitten is multi-purpose

$6.20 each, 3 types of kitten to choose from: grey, white with black ears, white with pink ears.

Currently  five colour background paper mat given: red, yellow, green, blue and pink.

State your preference or else it will be given at random.