Day-To-Day Objects (Gifts)

One contributor to mental resilience is “MEANINGS”.
People who ascribe meaning and reasons to their actions in life, experiences and/or even “sufferings” tend to demonstrate more acceptance and resilience.

In our daily grind, it is easy though, to forget the REASONS behind what we do.
This is where reminders come in. It is useful having people, words and things to remind us of what is important to us and what we are living for.

From the earliest day of psychotherapy, famous therapists like Sir Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung had used symbols as their quest to unlock the human mind.
We interpret and ascribe meaning to symbols. Some symbols have developed universal meaning over time while others remain personal and different for each person.

At The JoyFULL Box, we carefully choose to stock affordable gifts and day-to-day items that are not only fun, beautiful and useful, but also serve to add meaning to our lives.

In addition, we carry in our Charm Shop a range of affordable charms made up of symbols and words which provide the versatility of combination not only to form personalized meaning but also the capacity to be paired and attached to day-to-day items serving as reminders and motivations.

How to shop:
1. Choose a (a few) charm(s) that is meaningful to you as a reminder
2. Choose a “medium” from this range of products to attach it to (Medium here refers to either a chain, ribbon, jewelry part or a piece of stationery, pencil case, wallet, water bottle, soft toy, etc)
3. Type a reminder note for yourself (eg, If you have chosen a star charm, your message to yourself may be “Shine like a star!”)


Pack a JoyFULL Box for a friend/loved one
1. Choose a few Day-to-Day objects and charms
2. Choose a box design (box is free for  purchase  of $30 and above)
3. Type a (a few) note (s) for your friend (notes are free)
Pack a JoyFULL Box for yourself
1. Choose a  few Day-to Day Objects and charms
2. Choose a box design or state "surprise me" at check out (box is free for purchase of $30 and above)
3. Type a (a few) reminder note(s)  to yourself (notes are free)
4. Each JoyFULL to yourself will come with ONE free mini surprise gift* (from us to YOU!)
* only if total price of box is $30 and above
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