Mindful Watercolour & Positive Calligraphy (25 Aug and 1 Sept)

Mindful Watercolour & Positive Calligraphy (25 Aug and 1 Sept)

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This workshop incorporates water colour mindfulness as well as positive calligraphy, to promote self-care and self-encouragement in the mist of our busy work schedules.

Learning points:

• Mindfulness techniques via senses (Visual, Olfactory, Auditory etc.)

• Deep breathing Techniques

• Positive thinking/ Positive Self-Talk

• Water- colour techniques

• Basic Calligraphy techniques

• Exploring different calligraphy styles

• Exploring innovative alterations to completed products

Summary of objectives:

Participants will be equipped with skills encompassing mindful water colouring and positive calligraphy at the end of the 2-day workshop, and will learn components of self-care techniques such as mindfulness, deep breathing, positive thinking which will be woven into this workshop, for a more unique artistic experience.

Trainer Profile:

Trainer is a diploma holder in the course of Occupational Therapy who has had past experiences of running group sessions and teaching arts skills to different populations. She has a special interest in the area of art and believes that it is an useful skill to pick up as a hobby or a tool to better care for ourselves, and those around us.