Sensory Tools (Alerting Tools)

It is common for our energy levels to change within the day.

In order to stay focus to learn, work, play and socialize, we need our energy levels to be "just right".

Being too "hyper" or too "low energy" (or, Singaporeans will call it "nua") makes it difficult for us to be effective.

When we feel too low energy we need to find ways to alert ourselves and bring our energy higher.

Browse this collection for multi-sensory alerting tools suitable for kids, adults and seniors.

As everyone has different sensory preferences and needs, not all strategies may work for everyone. If in doubt on what sensory tools are suitable for you, your kids or your elderly parents, do drop our Sensory Integration Certified Occupational Therapists an email or message us on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instragram, Carousell) for free recommendations!

(Note: These tools do not replace Occupational Therapy Interventions)

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