Fortitudo KIDZ

Fortitudo KIDZ- Who Are We?

At Fortitudo KIDZ, we provide a holistic series of child-centered workshops, activities and talks with the aim to build fortitude as a strong foundation for success.

Self-confidence and fortitude (aka- resilience, grit) help your child seize opportunities, rise to challenges, accept responsibility and feedback.

Our programmes include proven strategies and innovative approaches to nurture confidence and resilience and empower tomorrow’s leaders.

Fortitudo KIDZ serves toddlers from 6 months old  up to youths of 18 years old at island-wide locations such as schools, student care centres, indoor playgrounds and community centres.

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Toddler- Kindergarten Workshops

Primary School Workshops


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Why Fortitude in Children and Youths?

Children are one of Life’s greatest treasures. And as parents, caregivers and educators, it brings us great joy and satisfaction to see our children blossom and succeed, to see the fruits and rewards of our labour and sacrifice. That is why we devote our time, resources and heart to our little loved ones. That is also why we have so many concerns: How can I help my child mix well with others? How can I prepare my child to excel in school? How can I help my child develop good character? How do I ensure my child’s future success, at work and at life? What is the best way to develop my child with my time, energy and financial constraints?

Investing in tuition and enrichment classes for excellence in academic topics are popular and mainstream ways we try to define success in our children/youths. While it is important to have good academic knowledge, these alone may not give the best long-term chances of success. In fact, a lot of recent research has shown that above academic skills and knowledge, (1) soft skills (such as social skills and problem solving skills) as well as resilience are much better predictors of future success.

Developing children in resilience and soft skills needs lots of time, energy and expertise. It is tough for parents to do it alone, on top of work, family demands and personal needs. That’s where Fortitudo KIDZ comes in, to support parents and help accelerate your child’s development.

1 Duckworth 2007; Ginsburg 2011


Why Engage Us?

Fortitudo KIDZ provides solutions to busy caregivers, parents and educators so that you can focus on what you do best. Parents and caregivers can focus on bonding and having fun with your child/youth. Educators can focus on teaching academic subjects instead of dealing excessively with disruptive behaviours. School counsellors can devote more time for individual counselling.

In our workshops, our trainers work directly with your child/youth on a range of different skills. Our small sized classes* allow our trainers to give better individual attention and support to every participant.

(*Class sizes may vary depending on the type of skills taught, group mix as well as mode of teaching.)

We put deep thought and meticulous care in designing our workshops so that participants can get the most out of each workshop. The duration of each workshop is restricted to 1 - 3 hours for effective learning and information absorption. Workshops are also spread over several sessions to give participants time to practice, form habits and reflect on what they have learnt.

At Fortitudo KIDZ we recognize that people are not closed systems, but interact with and are influenced by their environment. Thus, we offer individually customized support and aftercare services to the families, childcare centres and schools of our workshop participants. Areas of support include pre-workshop consultations as well as recommendations of achievable milestones and follow-up actions. This way, we can work together to strengthen the social environment of our participants by encouraging follow-through of the skills leant in our workshops.

Our dedication in supporting the social environment of our participants is especially evident in our signature Resilience workshop, as it comes with a compulsory caregiver-child joint session.

As part of education and awareness building, we provide informative and interactive introductory talks to bigger groups of parents, caregivers, educators as well as older children and youths.


How We Teach Differently?

At Fortitudo KIDZ, we use several teaching models in our workshops and talks to maximize the quality of learning and accommodate the different needs of each participant.

Our mode of teaching is put together in-house after more than 20 years combined wok experience with clients of a wide range of age, abilities and motivations. We believe in no one size fit all, thus the techniques used in each session will depend on the needs, ability and level of motivation of participants in each session.

An experimental- activity-reflection based learning adapted from Kolb's Experiential Learning Theory (1984) is widely used in our trainings. Research had shown that Resilience is a highly intrinsic skill (BEING skill) that is historically developed through individual counselling. At Fortitudo KIDZ, we develop fun and interesting activities with **techniques adopted from Psychotherapy, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Diatec Behaviour Therapy and different modes of Expressive Therapies.

**Our trainers are certified, qualified and have years of working experience with these techniques in children and youths. Feel free to ask for our curriculum vitaes (CV) or talk with us directly


Our Services


Practical Skills for Success- “DOING” Kid Series

Confidence comes from achieving competence and excellence in the DOING of age appropriate activities. The basic skills to perform in Day to Day tasks such as: independence in self care, ability of speed writing, effective and accuracy in tool use, confidence in moving the physical body in sports and games, effective sensory integration of external information to absorb what is being taught, ability of self regulation for better attention and focus as well as organization of learning materials and planning the use of space.

This series of workshops aims to develop your child in real-world practical foundational skills for success in school and life.

Soft Skills for Success- “BEING” Kid Series

This series of workshops aims to develop your child in soft skills for success in school and life. Research have shown that soft skills are as important, if not more important, than knowledge for success. Soft skills are “Personal attributes (being) that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people”.

While cognitive knowledge (KNOWING) in these skills are important, it is not until they become part of a person (BEING) that they will be put into practice and change will take place.

These “BEING” skills include being: self-understanding, self-accepting and confident; being able to regulate emotions and to problem solve; as well as being able to empathize, understand and interact with others (social thinking and social skills) .

Our Signature workshop- “Building Fortitude- I am resilient!”

This workshop is the one workshop that weave together all the parts and skills required to build fortitude (aka- resilience, grit) in a person.

Depending on the needs and levels of the participants, we may recommend some of the other workshop modules to precede attendance of this particular workshop.

However, this workshop is designed to be repeatable, which means that participants can take part in this workshop as many times as they find useful and they will be able to learn a different skill, have a different reflection and an unique take home each time round.

Parents, caregivers and educators are highly encouraged to take part in the joint sessions that is part of this workshop series. Number of joint sessions depend on the participant age-group as well as individual needs. More information on care-giver involvement will be on the brochure provided.



Kids/ Teens Interactive Talks

Skills for Success

All our modules, such as “Building Fortitude- I am resilient”, are available in the form of single-session talks for kids and teenagers.

Each talk introduces participants to one module and provides a preview to our KIDZ workshop of the same module. Participants will gain a better understanding of the skills they can develop and can make an informed decision on signing up for the multi-sessions workshop.

Informational Talks for Caregivers, Parents and Educators

Skills for Success

All our modules, such as “Building Fortitude- I am resilient”, are available in the form of single-session talks for caregivers, parents, educators and professionals.

Each talk introduces participants to one module and provides a preview to our KIDZ workshop of the same module. Participants will gain a better understanding of the skills their child will develop and can make an informed decision on enrolling their child for the multi-sessions workshop.

Participants will also receive tips and guidance on how they can support the development of module-relevant skills in their child. This additional support will enable the child to achieve better mastery of skills learned from the workshops.


Events and Parties

We provide customised services for your events and parties to build fortitude and social skills through games and activities. Keen in making your kid’s birthday party a fun, meaningful and enriching experience? Interested in developing resilience and team-bonding in your student leaders and CCA groups? Contact us at


Fortitudo KIDZ inclusion services

At Fortitudo KIDZ, we support social inclusion.

Our trainers have expertise in teaching and supporting children/youth with different physical, cognitive, emotional as well as psychological abilities and needs.

We also cater our services to children and youths who may be at risk.

Click here for a full list of health conditions we support as well more information on our inclusion services. COMING SOON.