Giving Back and Reaching OUT

At Fortitudo Pte Ltd we believe in giving back to the society.

We do so in the following ways:

1. Charity Price for our services, workshops and talks for Voluntary Welfare Organizations, Charity Organizations and Government Hospitals/ Organizations.

2. Charity Price for low income students in schools.

3. Gift/goodie bag/voucher donations

4. Second hand goods clean up and donations.

5. Sponsorship for events.

6. Taking part in charity events.

7. Linking up people who want to give/help with those who need help.

8. Free of Charge community outreach programs such as pop-up booths or talks

Talk with us if you would like to find out more!

Our SG Fund Project (2018- 2020)

Follow us for more information on our upcoming Community Involvement project supported by Our SG Fund.


Collaboration with Social Gifting- Products and Volunteering Opportunities

Having a bigger vision and mission in life makes a person more resilience. It gives meaning to ones' existence. The internal joy that comes from the simple acts of helping others is immeasurable.

We are happy to collaborate with Social Gifting ( by carrying their products as well as partnering in some of their projects.

Social Gifting is initiated by a group of volunteers who are Social Work undergraduates at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS).

Social Gifting aims to empower beneficiaries through crafting. They use crafting as a therapy to help their beneficiaries find strength, distract them from illness, relieve stress and earn passive income.

These exquisite gifts at Social Gifting are made and/or packed by beneficiaries who wish to find employment but are unable to do so due to physical constraints or caregiving duties.

Shop something for your loved one and a little extra goes to someone in need. If you are a crafter, knitter, sewist, crocheter or quilter, do join them to spread that joy a little further by teaching their beneficiaries a new skill.

Shop and contact for volunteering opportunities HERE

Lumiere Montessori House (25 Aug 2018)

We love it when we see children experiencing the joy of giving and serving.
That is why as a company, we headed down to Lumiere Montessori House on 25 August 2018 to support their charity drive through the sales of some products from our brand The JoyFULL Box.
A portion of the sales went to Beyond Social Services, which is the beneficiary chosen by the school this year.
Let us encourage our next generation to be a loving and giving community!

11th November 2017

We were humbled by the opportunity to tell some 20 primary school children from a local Children's Home that "you are loved" through our The JoyFULL Box goodie bags.

We can confidently say that "you are loved" because whatever your circumstances, at least, in the moment we were hand packing the goodie bags for you - pasting the stickers, folding the contents, putting together the packaging; we were full of blessings and love for you.

It was indeed a joy to see the kids squeezing, pulling and poking the "Multi-purpose Squishy Cats" (Product testing! We now know they can be pulled really long without breaking!).

It was equally touching to see those thoughtful faces when they pounder the words "WE have the power to paint our future with colours" on their colour pen sets.

Let the love and positivity spread on!