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At Fortitudo, we conduct resilience building workshops for groups or individuals that can be held at our clients’ locations of choice.
All training workshops packages are run by fully registered professionals. Packages come with a free* consultation and aftercare services to ensure that our programs are customized to the needs of our clients.
We provide occasional pop-up workshops and holiday programs.
Our workshops are designed to facilitate the discovery of our clients’ hidden potential and strengths, so that they are better equipped for difficult situations in life.
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Corporate Services

Individual Wellness for Success Series

Our Wellness Series provides the solution for companies who wish to improve their staff/colleagues/employees wellness and soft skills required for success. As research had shown- happier, healthier, better attitude, better supported and more resilient staff/employees help the companies save and make more money than staff with knowledge alone.
Happier employees who are more controlled in their emotions, have a better attitude springing from a healthy self concept, better people skills and more resilience tend to be better workers, these are referred to as soft (BEING) skills.
As people are all open systems interacting with self and environment, people with a more supportive and stable family/social environment can pay more attention at work.
Resilient employees are less likely to face workplace burn out and thus less likely to job-hop, saving companies money needed to retrain new staff and limit gaps of work handover.
Physical wellness also plays a big part in employee work performance and efficiency.
Give your employees and your company an edge in these soft skills for success by joining our talks and workshops
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Introductory Talks

Our Introductory Talks  are excellent for time-strapped participants to gain an introductory level of understanding on the topic. These talks are light yet informative, done in style customized to suit your needs (think lecture style or skits or interactive).
1.Soft Skills for Success
This series of talks aims to enhance your resilience by equipping you with soft skills for success in work and life. Research has shown that soft skills play an equal or greater role than knowledge in achieving success. Some popular topics includes Stress Management, Organizational Skills, Emotion Regulation through Mindfulness, Self Care as well as a range of People Skills.
2.  Wellness for Success
Physical Wellness is an important ingredient for success. Healthy employees take less sick leave and can consistently work at a high level of efficiency and performance. Topics includes: Sleep Better, Lifestyle Reset.
Our Signature Talks
Signature talk - Be Resilient to Grow Through Challenging Moments in Life
My  Bucket Story

Express - Interactive Workshops

Our workshops are unique in being activity reflection-based which brings learning to both the personal as well as the team level. We strive to ensure that while individuals will come away with personal gains, there will be increased understanding and empathy between team members as well.
Express workshops are catered to busy participants who would like a crash course on the topics. Being express in nature, skills will be introduced at a very superficial level. It is highly recommended for participants to follow up with our interactive workshop series to learn about putting theory into practice.
All the topics in our talks are available in our workshops with an additional Signature Workshop: My Bucket Story.

Interactive Workshops

Positive Balloons


"Mindful Water Colour and Positive Calligraphy"


"All The Reasons I Love YOU" Mothers' Day Card Decorating Workshop


"Chinese New Year 2018 Workshop"- What the season means to me and ways I can reduce stress this festive season


"Goal-setting and Time Management"



Went away feeling that it is not enough? All of our Express Workshop Topics are available in more detailed experimental- reflection based workshop series for participants who wants more in-depth knowledge in the topics. It is recommended to spread out the learning hours for time in between session to absorb, practice and reflect on the skills covered.
Talk with us on the different modules contents within the topics and the best way to break the hours down to suit your needs.

Camps/ Retreats/ Events

Tailor-make your company camp, retreat or event with us today.
Topics can be chosen from our menu, or customize an unique program for your company by identifying any specific topics you would like covered.
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