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Kindergarten Parenting Talk "How To Fill Your Child's Bucket?"- February 2019


We were honored to be invited to a local Kindergarten to give a talk to close to 100 parents on "How to Fill Your Child's Bucket?".

Parents listened intently and took part in the interactive activities of drawing the  buckets of their children and writing down things that fill the child's bucket both from the outside and from the inside.

The step-by-step guide of the talk made it a very practical and personalized experience to each of the parents and there were some very meaningful questions and sharing at the end. 

Each parents brought home a "Five Languages for Children" (Dr Gary Chapman) postcard and ideas on how to fill their children's bucket better.





 Kidzania Christmas Pop-up Booth

24 Dec- 26 Dec 18

Again, this Christmas we  brought our pop-up booth to the community. We were at Kidzania with our on-the-spot 'Mindful Watercolour and Positive Calligraphy', 'Dear Santa Wishing Cards' as well as 'A Meaningful Christmas Card Decoration'. Self -care Pampering Products, Alert and Calming Tools for kids, Stress Management Organizer Range Products from our brand The JoyFULL Box were also on sales at the booth.
Mindful Water colour pop up  booth

Improving Sleep with Aromatherapy (2-hour workshop)






14 Sept 18 Joint- IHLs SEN Forum Workshop

"Understanding Our Differences:

An Inside Guide into Special Needs & Sensory Issues"

We were really glad to partner Sensational Play (by The Social Factor) for the Joint- IHLs SEN Forum held at Nee Ann Polytechnic yesterday.

Everyone of us have life goals and things we wish to achieve in our lives: self care, academics, social life, friendships, relationships, career. Some of us, due to different circumstances, may need to work harder than others to reach these goals and we will need special help and accomodations.
Let us all be a little more aware, a little more caring towards those in our community who need that little bit extra.

We saw close to 60 MOE staff, counsellors, allied educators, IHLs counsellors, educators, disability support office staff in our workshop on "Understanding Our Differences: An Inside Guide into Special Needs & Sensory Issues". Though activities and games, participants learnt about the different types of Sensory Processing Disorders and some classroom strategies to help students with such difficulties.  #sensoryintegration #specialneeds #sensorytoys #Occupationaltherapists #sgot

At the booth set up with Sensational Play, we also saw alot of interests in Sensory Toys and products which can be prescribed for use within the classroom setting to help regulate our students with #sensoryprocessingdisorders

To continue providing support for our IHLs (Institutes of Higher Learning), we are offering a 10% discount for all clinical services (Occupational Therapy Services) and counsultation services done in schools and IHLs. Quote IHLSEN10 when you speak with us.




Teachers' Day Celebration for Preschool Teachers cum Havtreat App Launch (31 Aug 18)

"Easy-to-do Self Care for The Busy Educator"

We were really glad to be at the HAVTreats launch organized by Association for Early Childhood Educators (Singapore) and Preschoolmarket on 31 Aug 18 in celebration of Teachers' Day.
We enjoyed ourselves at the "Positive Balloon" booth seeing the teachers have fun decorating their own balloons with positivity, giving balloons to one another. One loving teacher even wrote the names of her whole class onto the balloon!

We were also thankful for the opportunity to share some "Easy-to-do Self Care for The Busy Educators" where we brought the focus to the well-being of our educators, reminding one another the importance of self care.

Laughters were all around when the teachers wrote positive thoughts onto the postcards and passed them around.

We ended the segment with a relaxing half body Progressive Muscle Relaxation which can be done any time in the day.

We hope that in the mist of teaching, loving and giving, our educators will remember that THEY themselves are special and THEY deserve a treat once in awhile too.
It is difficult to give when our buckets are running empty, so, do something nice for ourselves today to fill our buckets!

(Ps: If you are a preschool teacher, don't forget to download the HavTreats app to enjoy special treats!)

Photo Credits: Preschool Market, SPS Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim's Facebook and Association for Early Childhood Educators (Singapore)' Facebook




Mindful Watercolour and Positive Calligraphy

2-Day Workshop (June/ July 2018)

We have completed two rounds of Mindful Watercolour and Positive Calligraphy right the CBD area.

Day one saw us learning mindfulness, deep breathing, relaxation as well as basic water colour techniques. We breathed as we watch our own happy colours flow and merge together.

We explored the power of positive thoughts and practiced mindful calligraphy techniques on Day Two and brought home our own handmade positive postcard!
If you have missed this workshop, no worries! The round coming up in Aug/ September.
Sign up HERE. Limited to 10 participants only.

The JoyFULL Box

12 May 2018 Gelato Art X The JoyFULL Box Mothers' Day Craft and Gifts pop-up

Thank you for all who visited our pop-up booth at Gelato Art (SAFRA Tampines) on 12 May 2018 to pick up your Mother's Day gifts!

Indeed, sometimes it is hard to put our feelings into words, we hope that this Mother's Day you have told your mom how much you love her and what are her characters that makes her awesome.
Telling a person about his/her inner strengths will end up being their inner voice which increase positive thinking and resilience.

17 March 2018- White Sand TGIF Bazzar

We were really glad to be at the TGIF Bazzar @ White Sand last weekend. It was the first time our brand - The JoyFULL Box was at a physical location where we got to meet people who dropped by to browse, purchase and even chit chat about their own self care routines, their boxes of happy things and the importance of taking care of themselves. Indeed, we are not just a product brand, we are a community built around our brand to support each and every individual in being joyful and resilience. Products, are just means to wellness, wellness comes from social support and from within.

We brought with us our range of "stress management" products......

Our pampering self care and wellness products......

As well as our "organizing your life" stationery, reminder charms and necklaces.
Some of these are still available in our e shop in limited stocks.





12 February 2018 - Bukit Panjang Public Library

The JoyFULL Box X Fortitudo- "Chinese New Year Wellness" Seniors Mini Craft Session

We had a very meaningful session with the seniors at Bukit Panjang Public Library on 12 February. Being the Monday before the Chinese New Year, it was nice for the seniors to sit down to reflect on the festival and the meanings of the festival to them.
Through the fun, simple and relaxing activity of decorating their own reminder postcards, the seniors had an engaging conversation/sharing about their wishes and their views on the festival.
As one of our participants wisely said, "Chinese New Year is a season for Reflection and Restoration".
Common wishes for the season are: peace, good health, family, love and safety.
With this, we usher in the Dog Year with joy!
Here is wishing everybody good health, peace, happiness, love and abundance!

10 February 2018 - Ang Mo Kio Library

The JoyFULL Box X Fortitudo- "Chinese New Year Wellness" Activity pop-up (Second Session)

With less than one week to Chinese New Year, it is awesome to see adults taking time out to take a breather from all the marketing and queues by visiting the library.
Equally wonderful to see parents and children spending time together bonding over reading.
Today we had some nice conversations with our participants and chatted with kids about what they like about Chinese New Year. We have friends who do not celebrate Chinese New Year coming by to make cards for their Chinese friends. This harmony and cohesiveness is indeed what make Singapore great.





4 February 2018 - Choa Chu Kang Library

The JoyFULL Box X Fortitudo- "Chinese New Year Wellness" Activity pop-up

We saw some 30 pairs of creative parents and kids when we were at CCK Library over the weekend.
While the kids decorate their Chinese New Year reminder postcards, the parents were able to take time out to organize their thoughts around the CNY task-lists and make use of the weekly planners.
It was very touching to see the children showing care and concern for their parents. Some children even offered to have their own CNY chores checklist so they can help their parents out during this busy period! Some common chores on the children's lists include- cleaning bedrooms and packing study tables.
Participants who do not celebrate the festival also wrote on the cards how they plan to spend the public holiday and penned their wishes for their friends who are celebrating.
We will be at Ang Mo Kio Library this Saturday 10 Feb 2018 from 11am- 12.30pm. Do drop by if you are in the area!

While stocks last!





23 December 2017 - Jurong Regional Library

The JoyFULL Box- "A Meaningful Christmas Craft Pop-Up"

We wrapped up 2017 with the second round of our "A Meaningful Christmas Craft Pop-Up" at Jurong Regional Library after the storytelling session.

We saw parents and children working together to pen down their memories of Christmas and talk about wishes for the world and loved ones.

Indeed the best gift we can give is the gift of time, gift of love and the gift of kindness. These are what will be remembered.
Merry Christmas everyone and have a blessed 2018 ahead!
We will see you in 2018 in more community events!




16 December 2017- Ang Mo Kio Library

The JoyFULL Box- "A Meaningful Christmas Craft Pop-Up"

Some 35 participants dropped by our craft pop up at Ang Mo Kio Library on 16 Dec 2017.
It was a pleasure to watch parents and children bond through discussions on what they want to remember this Christmas as well as what are their wishes for the world, for their loved ones and for themselves. There were lots of ribbon tying, stickers pasting and scribbling.
We were equally thrilled to see adults and seniors popping by to make their cards and pen their wishes.
Merry Christmas to all, have a safe festive celebration and mindfully enjoy every precious moment!