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Fortitudo Kidz

Mindful Watercolour and Positive Calligraphy (Lower Primary) (April-June 19)

We conducted a Mindful Watercolour and Positive Calligraphy workshop for a local primary school.
The goal of this workshop identified by the school is to empower a group of lower primary after-school-care students by introducing a new hobby and to build confidence in good handwriting.
With alot of focus on mental resilience: mindfulness, self care, positive thinking and confidence building , we saw positive changes in the students who looked forward to the sessions every week. From the "I cannot do it", "what if we screw up?" during the initial technique drills to the final "wow, I did not realize I can do this!"
Interested in our activity-based Resilience Building workshops? Get in touch with us now. Slots are open for 2020.
Technique Drills: Exploring shapes, tones and colour matching

Technique Drills: Exploring colour tones in our reflection journals.

Technique Drills: Modern Calligraphy practice


Final product framed up (names are partially blocked to protect the identity of the students)


SmartKids Asia 2018 ( 31 Nov- 2 Dec 18)

We were thrilled to be at the Smartkids Asia 2018 from 31 Nov to 2 Dec 18.

Besides having a booth as a pit stop on the Kids Fun Passport, we also ran trial classes of our most popular workshops ("I Can Focus", "Dino Hunt" and "My Bucket Story") over the 3 days and received overwhelming sign ups. 

Besides the trial classes, booth activities were well received by children and adult alike, as they joint in the fun in our social skills "Ungame", making their own speedometer for energy regulation and writing their own Bucket Stories.

For the younger kids, the happy-balloon decorating remained the all time favorite


On the third day, we collaborated with CreateHolisticHealth to introduce aromatherapy oil as calming and alerting tools. We learnt how some scents are great for relaxation and sleep while some can help us stay alert and fresh.

The children expressed great interest in trying out some of the scents and picking out the ones which helped them relax and focus!

With this, we tied up our activities for 2018. It had been one year since we started and we thank you for all the support. We look forward to more amazing time ahead building the soft skills in children enabling them to become more resilience and successful people.

Moving into 2019, our children workshop dates are out and can be found in our E-shop. Do sign up early to secure a spot.

Educators, schools and centres, do get in touch if you will like to conduct any of our workshops for your students. Our service menu can be found here for preschool/ kindy levels and here for primary level. 


Launch of our Sensory Tools Collections

In October 2018, we launched our Sensory Tools Collection under our product brand The JoyFULL Box.

"Sensory Tools"- a term adapted from "The Alert Program" (Mary Sue Williams and Sherry Shellenberger). This is a program run by Occupational Therapists around the world to teach children, youths and adult energy regulation.

Through our years of running this program for children of all ages and abilities, we have identified the need to allow our participants to physically try out different sensory tools to better identify what tools help them in their energy regulation.

At the end of the program, participants are encouraged to put together their own "tool kits", either in a box or a bag- filled with things they can use in their daily lives.

This collection of products is launched to facilitate this and is now available in our e-shop.

We are also carrying the original Theraputty (TM) repackaged in house. The original Theraputty is scent free and had been used by Occupational Therapists all over the world. 

Maker's Faire: Start From Young- The Neuroscience Behind Creativity, Design and Making 18 Aug & 19 Aug

In partnership with Preschoolmarket!


Children are naturally curious and that makes them great explorer.

When given the freedom and liberty, they can be really creative.

We were Marker Faire on 18 Aug-19 Aug at Our Tampines Hub where we ran booth activities beyond teaching kids how to make, but facilitating making through the development of ideation through recognizing the sensory properties of the items, the affordances of the objects and coming up with ways to put together different items to make an object.

Taking that a step further, some of the older kids built interactive structures with chain reactions, where they have to anticipate what will happen next.

That is why our kits did not come with step by step instructions on how to build and what to build. Instead, our trainers used alot of questions such as "what idea do you have?" "what do you think you can use this for?" "how do think you can build (a moving object)?"

For the younger kids, they did paper art, which taught them visual spatial and visual closure where they put together parts to form a whole.


 "The Great Fine Motor Challenge" National Day Edition 9 Aug 12noon-6pm

Do you know that fine motor skills are essential for tasks such as playing, self care, dressing, feeding, handwriting and tool use?
On National Day, we brought The Great Fine Motor Challenge to Kallang Wave Mall where parents and children experienced some activities they can do to improve finger strengths and visual perception skills.
All the activities were designed by certified Occupational Therapists and have been used typically within Occupational Therapy clinical sessions, brought to you outside of the clinics!

The atmosphere was awesome with National Day songs playing in the background and people clad in red and white. The kids were really resilience in the way they tried again and again at the block challenge not giving up! It was equally touching to see parents encouraging the children along as they took on the different tasks. Well done all!

Brought to you in partnership with Sporthub SG, GetActive!Singapore and The Petite Park

You can also order your Fine Motor Skills card sets here.

"I Can Focus" -with The Alert Program Workshop (Primary School)

We have concluded an 8-session long workshop for a group of 16 P4 and P5 students from a local Primary School.

It was a joy to see the students gain understanding regarding their Engine levels, learn the importance of being able to stay focus, set goals on what they want to achieve and come up ways to use sensory tools to help them reach their dreams.

Some students even created their own fidgets and chose their own items to be put into their personal Alert Toolbox to join the Squishy Kitten that was given as part of the workshop.

Calling parents/educators who are interested in our workshops but find the public workshops too far/ timings not matching,
gather enough students and we will run a private workshop at your location of choice, childcare center or school!

Contact us HERE!

The Kidz Academy

We were at The Kidz Academy, Expo Hall 6 Booth D10 from 29 June to 1 July.

It was awesome to see everyone at our booth, where the kids played the following mini games: ʺThought Bubblesʺ, ʺEmotion Charadesʺ, ʺThe Stress Equationʺ, ʺPass it onʺ and ʺPushing Back The Pressureʺ to attain stamps for their Playpasses!

At other times, we decorated some balloons where the children were told to think about things that make them happy when they are feeling sad or stressed and draw them onto the balloons.

We saw some very creative ideas and wise quotes.

What is in the balloon?
In an entertaining and interactive Balloon Sculpting show, we learnt about ʺgood stressʺ, ʺnot-so-good stressʺ and twisted our way to happiness!

How often have we heard our kids tell us, ʺI knew the answer to this exam question, but I was so stressed that my mind went blank!ʺ? Or ʺI don't want to sit for the exams, what if I fail?ʺ In an entertaining and interactive Balloon Sculpting show brought to you by Fortitudo KIDZ featuring Mdm Twister, who is well known by her involvement in community events and schools, we learnt about ʺgood stressʺ, ʺnot-so-good stressʺ, and ways to change these stressful situations into ingredients for building resilience towards success in life.

The children came up onto stage to take part in the mass exercises and practiced deep breathing in this awesome interactive stage session.

We would like to thank Preschool Market for taking part in this fair with us to make our booth inclusive to kids all the way from preschool to upper primary.


Happy Sparks 2018 @ Our Tampines Hub

The Neuroscience Behind Creativity: Sensory Integration and Idea Formation

Happy Sparks 2018!
We were at the Preschoolmarket Booth (Booth 10) and children took part in our trial workshops to explore with their senses, form ideas, anticipate, plan, sequence and build their own mini projects.

It was a joy to see the proud faces in the children as they build something entirely out of their own ideas and the most used phase was "I have an idea!".

Keep the ideas coming!

"I Can Focus" (6yo-8yo) @ Polliwogs Eastpoint Mall

We concluded our first round of "I Can Focus" workshop on Wednesday.

We learnt about our "Engine" levels and through different alerting and calming physical activities and games. We had a feel of how the different engine states feel like in our bodies and experience first hand how being too high or too low affects our performance! We were able to identify our own engine levels and we learnt different sensory strategies to alert ourselves or calm ourselves down.

We had fun, made new friends and put together our own "Tool Box" with things and ideas on what we can do to help us focus in the future!

Thank you to all the kids and parents for being awesome and our wonderful venue partner Polliwogs Eastpoint Mall.

The next round will be starting in July. Register HERE!

The Great Fine Motor Challenge

Thank you Cool De Sac for the awesome time on Saturday.

We saw kids with nimble fingers gaining confidence in making structures from pictures and taking part in our speed challenge.

We gave out some Fine Motor Cards to parents and kids explained the importance of fine motor skills in daily life. Our "I Am Getting Ready for Writing" Fine Motor workshops are open for registration HERE  if you are keen to find out more about how to help your child develop fine motor skills beyond his/her current stage!

Fine Motor Cards are available for sales HERE


5 March 2018- I Am Resilient! Digger Adventure!

It was a beautiful morning for our inaugural workshop ran by Fortitudo Kidz at The Diggersite.

In this Parent-Child workshop, the focus was on the development of mental resilience in childhood (6-8 years old) and the big role parents play in this development. Parents learnt about the links between resilience to success in life and THREE of the components that are linked to developing a resilient child.

Parent-child bonding was encouraged through the joint activities. It was a joy to see parents sitting with the children telling them and writing down the strengths as well as positive attributes that make the children special.

The children were taught the THREE keys to resilience and they put the skills into real life practice through the Diggersite activities led by the friendly and encouraging Uncle Mike and his team.

One of the psycho-social (Eriksons) milestone of this age is the mastery of tasks though completion. We watched as the kids went from being unsure to finally mastering the different stations with alot of advance bilateral coordination and visual motor skills.

The looks of pride and achievement, the conversations around "I hit all the bottles down" "Me too!" "I picked up all the logs!" were the badges of honor that showcase what the children have learnt in the workshop.

We were all rewarded with a relaxing tractor ride around the "farm" and the kids took turns to be the driver!

At the end of the workshop, the children earned three of the keys to resilience as well as a certificate signed by their parents.

Has your child received the keys to resilience yet?

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