Social for Our Friends who are Differently Abled- SOFDA

Social- so·cial | \ ˈsō-shəl - used as a noun.
Defined as:
A social gathering or party, especially of or as given by an organized group
An informal social event for members of a group
A friendly gathering usually for a special reason

This is a social platform set out to transform the workplace and community into kinder, friendlier and more welcoming places for our friends who are differently abled (with special focus on our friends who have either been diagnosed or suspected to have high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder or Asperger’s Syndrome) by building awareness in the community about the possible sensory and social needs of these friends.
This is project supported by Our SG Fund.

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Our MicroBlog

4 March 19

We kicked off the second phase of our campaign at Viva Business Park.

Coffee is a hug in a mug.
What can you do today to make your workplace nicer for a colleague?
If you are in the area, do drop by Viva Business Park to pick up a free coffee/ tea packet and share the hug around!
We are next to Seafood Market Place till 6pm.
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We gave out coffee/tea packets during lunchtime for sharing with colleagues and made some  pledges on what we can do to make the day better for a colleague.

We are also always on the look out for any sponsors of drinks as well as any venues (shopping malls, banks, offices) open for us to bring our campaign to your workplace.

Email us at to get in touch!


20 Jan 19

Some time ago we asked a group of children what they can do for a friend who is sad/lonely.
These are some friendly responses from the last day of the art competition conducted during the #throwback Smart Kids Asia 2018.
We saw alot of KIND WORDS of encouragement and INVITATION to play. Sometimes one kind word, one friendly gesture of inclusion can make a person's day better.
The best part is, sincere KINDS WORDS and FRIENDLY PRESENCE are free.

As we start the new year, be it in the schools, playgrounds or workplace, let us pledge to make our community a friendly and comfortable place for all in our WORDS and our ACTIONS.

The Winners of the competition have been chosen and contacted. Prizes sponsored by The JoyFULL Box (our product brand) had been sent out.

Lets take  a look at some of these drawings!

(This project is supported by Our SGFund)

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22 Dec- 26 Dec 18

The holiday season is coming, while some enjoy the season, to others, this may be a lonely and stressful time.
To encourage giving beyond materialistic gifts, we are popping up at TGIF Bazaar at Kidzania this Christmas (22 Dec 10am-4pm; 24 Dec 10am-6pm).
If you are a parent/caregiver who happens to be there with your kids, while they are at their stations, do drop by our booth to pick up a FREE "This Christmas Remember..." card and write it to a friend/family.
Limited to 5 per person while stocks last and priority to those who are giving the cards to friends who are differently abled or seniors.

If you are not at Kidzania, not to worry, get a friend who is there to pick up the cards for you or PM us your interest.

(Note: charms are not included but can be added on with a discounted price of $1.80 each for this initiative. While Stocks Last.)

30 Nov 18- 2 Dec 18

We kickstarted our campaign at The SmartKids Asia 2018 with a drawing/writing competition for all ages (2 years up).

The topic was "What can I do for a friend who is feeling sad/lonely?"

We received overwhelming response of more than 100 entries of drawings over the three days and was touched by some of the responses.

Follow us as we post up some entries as well as announce the winners.


7 Oct 18

About our Logo:

Coffee/tea cup- socialization usually take place over a cup of drinks, be it a coffee, tea or soft drink. Having a drink tend to be a comfortable and relaxing activity to do together and is great for bonding.

Heart - The heart makes up the cup handle and is in red and white, symbolic of Singapore being a country full of love.

Outreached hands with opened palm - Be the one who reaches out with open palm as a sign of acceptance.


6 Oct 18

In an article published a few years back (Dec 2016), it is reported that 1 in 150 children has Autism. These children are amongest us the community, in the schools, the playground and they need friends.
How are we teaching our children to be their friends?


30 Sept 18

It seems appropriate to kick start our campaign by sharing this quote as our very first post.
In our quest to build a kinder, more gracious and a friendlier Singapore for our friends who are differently abled, we need to start LISTENING.
Lets put our electric gadgets aside and start having REAL conversations with people around us, start with the friend who have been constantly exchanging Whatsapp massages with you!
The more we LISTEN with our hearts, the more we can EMPATHIZE!