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The JoyFULL Box


What is the JoyFULL Box?

The JoyFULL Box is a subscription box that arrives at your doorstep monthly.

It is more than just a box of things  that can make you a little happier. It is a box lovingly and thoughtfully put together with the following aims:

To provide simple comfort, companion and immediate happiness.

To empower the receiver to discover joyfulness from within.

To provide a quick and fuss free solution for people who are too busy to come up with ideas and ways to give themselves a treat or a respite from their busyness.

To promote mindfulness of the senses, the environment, nature and human interactions away from technology.

To provide ideas for people who want to bring happiness and joy to another person but do not know how.

Read more about Joyfulness at our blog.

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Who is it for?

We believe in self-care, giving and connecting with others.

The JoyFULL Box is suitable for anyone  who would like a perk-me-up each month. You can buy the subscription as a gift to yourself, or spread the joy further by purchasing the box for a loved one, a neighbor, a stranger, or someone in need.  

You can also put in customize notes monthly by choosing the option of self-giving (rather than direct delivery to your receiver) - because nothing beats that personal touch of physically giving and receiving a gift.

We currently only deliver to Singapore.

Charity and corporate gift options are available. Contact us for more details.

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The JoyFULL Box - Basic

2 simple experiences or multi-sensory tools

The JoyFULL Box - Premium

4 simple experiences or multi-sensory tools

How does it work?


Step 1 - Choose a box

There are five main types of "The JoyFULL Box.

“The JoyFULL Box - Mini”

“The JoyFULL Box - Basic"

“The JoyFULL Box - Premium”

“The JoyFULL Box - TEENZ

“The JoyFULL Box - KIDZ”

During festive seasons or special occasions, we will release additional one-off boxes. So bookmark our page and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out when they are released.


Step 2 - Personalise your box

You can choose to buy the box for yourself or for others. For The JoyFULL Box- TEENZ and The JoyFULL Box – KIDZ, only the option of gift by an adult (preferably a parent/care giver) is available.

You may choose a surprise box or a slightly more customized box by filling up the profile given.

Most of the questions are not compulsory (even though they are fun to fill in!) The more information you give, the more personalized we are able to make your box. Besides, it is a cool way to discover more about yourself and your loved ones! If you are unsure, it is OK! You or your recipient can always drop us an email to update the profile.

For all gift options, you may like a photo of the box with its contents so you know exactly what your receiver will be getting. Just remember to provide us with your email address and tick this option upon checkout!


Step 3 - Choose your subscription package

Because we are not just a product subscription box, every box comes with different surprise elements. These items/experiences cover many different aspects of joyfulness as well as all our seven senses.

Purchasing a one-off box will be just like scratching the surface of the joyfulness mountain!

As such we offer subscription packages at a discounted price for 3 months worth of joyfulness goodies.

At the conclusion of your first three month subscription a mail/note/email/ SMS will be sent with your last box with a reminder and option to renew your subscription with a 10% discount (eg. If you are paying for 3- month subscription, upon renewal, your next 3-month and subsequent subscriptions will be at the 10% off the initial price).

But of course, we understand that sometimes you may want to try out one box first. Thus, each box comes with a one-off box option.


Step 4 - Pay for your Box

All our payments are processed through Stripe, our secure payment gateway provider.

Prices not inclusive of a flat rate delivery charge which will be added upon checkout.

For subscription packages, a one-off lump sum payment will be made at checkout. Rest assured there are no monthly recurring deductions to your credit card.

Additional Information

Delivery Options for Subscription

The JoyFULL Box is a monthly subscription service. Orders for the next month will close the last day of the previous month and boxes will be delivered the third week of the month.

For example, you place an order in January, your box will arrive at your doorstep in the third week of February.

You have the option of delivery or self-pick up. For gifts, upon checkout there is an option of delivery to your address or delivery direct to the recipient.

For birthdays and anniversaries, we can put on a personal label with a title that says “To be opened on (Date)”. Just leave us a note stating this preference upon checkout.

Delivery charges are charged separately upon checkout at a flat rate of $8 per box $24 for three boxes.

Refer also to terms and conditions for details pertaining to delivery.

What to expect inside the box?

We all need surprises in our lives! What is inside the box remains a secret till it is opened. Our guarantee is that “The JoyFULL Box” will each comes with at least the number of items specified in the description toencourage simple joyful experiences.

Expect items that appeal to our different senses as well as cards that act as little reminders in our pursuit of joyfulness. Some spoilers can be found in our Instagram page. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get a peek at what went into the previous boxes!

Every month we look forward to sourcing the best products, deals and experiences for you. In order to do so, the content of the boxes may vary even if they are from the same month.

Of course, the more you share about us, the more deals we will be able to get for you. So take photos, tag us with our official tag #thejoyfullbox and share the joy!

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