DIY Christmas Card Pack - Design Silent Night

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Christmas is usually linked to memories.

"I remember last Christmas we ......"

"I remember there was one Christmas you gave me a ......"

Set into place the memories of this Christmas with our DIY Christmas Card collection.

Our "This Christmas Remember....." cards come in multiple designs and serve as a mindful reminder of what is important.

The cards are easy to put together, with paper tags for you to write the memory/message you want your recipient to be reminded of when they see the charm that comes with the card.

It can be an experience (eg. "We had a lot of fun ______"), a blessing (Eg. "The Gift of LOVE") or an encouragement (Eg. "YOU are loved!").

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Each pack comes with:

1 Christmas Card

1 Mini Charm (fixed design and given at random)

1 Ribbon (fixed colour)

3 Choices of paper tags of different patterns (to suit your design!)


*first photo is a sample end product of the card with the same printed design, second photo is a sample of the contents in the pack and may not reflect the design of the printed card

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