I Can Focus - with The Alert Programme (8Y-12Y)

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What does a neurosurgeon in the operation room and a lawyer in the court have in common? They can deeply focus to deliver high level performance by screening out irrelevant information. Being able to focus and pay attention helps us get things done and become capable in any area. Learning takes place when we focus our attention on thinking about information. 

To be a high achiever, it is crucial to pay attention and persevere through difficulty. Equip your child to channel energy in positive productive ways.

“I Can Focus” is a workshop that helps children improve focus and self-control from young and is recommended for busy students (8yo-12yo) wanting to focus better and complete tasks faster. Get your preteen ready for intensive learning and prepare for Higher Primary exams and PSLE.

There will be alerting as well as calming activities so that your pre-teen can identify these two alertness states. A basic sensory diet will be recommended for each pre-teen to alert and/or calm down to suit different situations. Suitable self-regulation skills will be taught to develop longer attention spans required for the greater academic demands.

Workshop materials and activities are developed in-house by our highly qualified trainers who have more than 10 years of working experience with a wide range of children.

Learning Points:

•Impulse control (Stop- Start)
•How the different energy states feels like
•The Seven Senses
•Alerting sensory strategies
•Calming sensory strategie
•Identifying and verbalizing alertness states and sensory needs
•Starting to Self-Regulate using sensory strategies