I Can Overcome Problems (no-more exams stress series) 8Y-12Y

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How do successful people deal with problems? They solve them! Instead of evading, being overwhelmed or immobilized by difficulties, resilient people face these straight on, learning from mistakes, solving problems and using negative experiences to propel themselves onward to success. Effective problem solving helps us “make lemonade out of lemons”, using the different resources we have to manipulate the environment and situation to move forward and succeed in our identified goals.

Problem solving is a skill that span across academics, interpersonal interactions, leisure activities, competitive sports and all parts of life. Help your child gain analytic skills and flexible thinking to overcome problems effectively and confidently.

“I Can Overcome Problems” is workshop that builds your child’s realistic optimism and resilience. Your child will learn to approach challenges by learning to carefully analyse problems and solve problems in many creative ways.

At this age, preteens (8yo-12yo) are more independent in trying to solve their own problems. However, due to their lack of real life experiences as well as the increased complications and different “problems” that may come their ways preteens may easily get overwhelmed. It is important for them to learn how to categorise and solve their “problems”, manage stress and ask for help assertively.

Learning Points:

• General Problem-solving skills
• Assertiveness
• Stress Management Skills - mindfulness, techniques
deep breathing and
positive thinking
• Basic Organisational Skills
• Time Management Skills