Mindful Water Colour and Positive Calligrapghy

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This workshop incorporates water colour mindfulness as well as positive calligraphy, to promote self-care and self-encouragement in the mist of our busy work schedules.

Learning points:

• Mindfulness techniques via senses (Visual, Olfactory, Auditory etc.)

• Deep breathing Techniques

• Positive thinking/ Positive Self-Talk

• Water- colour techniques

• Basic Calligraphy techniques

• Exploring different calligraphy styles

• Exploring innovative alterations to completed products

Summary of objectives:

Participants will be equipped with skills encompassing mindful water colouring and positive calligraphy at the end of the 3-day workshop, and will learn components of self-care techniques such as mindfulness, deep breathing, positive thinking which will be woven into this workshop, for a more unique artistic experience.

Trainer Profile:

Trainer is a self-taught calligraphy and watercolour hobbyist who has been practicing calligraphy and watercolour painting for the past 4 years. She uses the techniques with a brush to create beautifully designed cards and gifts for her friends and family. She is proficient in modern calligraphy done using brushes, brush pens, and pointed pens, as well as wet-on-wet & wet-on-dry watercolour techniques. She has a passion to pass on these skills to others so they too can effortlessly create artistic watercolour and hand-lettered pieces of their own.

Together with our Occupational Therapists, we incorporate simple self care, positivity and mindfulness skills into this form of arts.