Multi-purpose utensil key chain

Multi-purpose utensil key chain

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Material: Stainless steel (spork= spoon-fork); Plastic (case)

Foldable spork in a plastic case with key chain hook


We stock three colours- orange, pink and  blue.

This is a super portable and environmental piece of utensil to have, put it in your bag for those take away meals or to replace those one-use plastic spoon and  fork.

People who ascribe meaning to every day experience and daily tasks tend to be more mentally resilient.
Visual reminders placed on Day-to-Day products can serve to remind us of this meaning.

This item comes with a water -proof sticker for you to pen down either your name or an inspirational word/phase/symbol.

(please use a waterproof/permanent/ paint marker to write on the sticker)

Our preferred sticker printing partner is @the_happiest_stickers_co

You can also add a reminder charm from our charm shop to the chain of this item.